I took a chance on Network Marketing and little did I know it was going to change my life forever


HOW I GOT HERE... I go deep

I grew up in a Brady Bunch-style family with six of us all living in a small three bedroom townhouse. Life was simple and we didn’t have a lot of extras. My mother was a hardworking house cleaner, my step-father a garbage truck driver, and I didn’t really know my dad all that well. With all that being said, we made due with what we had; I never really felt like I went without. I also recognized that I didn’t have the same kind of “things” that my friends had. Looking back now, thinking about my childhood and watching my parents work hard to make ends meet was a huge driving force for me. I love my mother and always felt she never got to pursue her personal dreams and goals because she was always working hard so my sister and I didn’t miss a beat. Keeping us fed, clothed (and in style I might add) and a roof over our heads. 

She may not realize this, but what she gave me during this pivotal time growing up was some crazy work ethic, to never stop digging deep to make life work. Mom, if you are reading this, I love you to the moon and back, and you are a huge reason I am so darn determined today!

Let’s fast forward! I graduated college as a graphic designer and moved to the big city (Toronto) where I took my first graphic design job. I was loving my career, but I also felt ready to be a mom. When my kids came into the picture I eventually landed back in my hometown closer to family and support. I also landed a great in-house design position with a large insurance agency. From the outside, I had an amazing job: the pay was good, straight hours and lots of benefits. After a couple years there I quickly realized that I was at the top of my pay scale for my position, and there was not really anywhere else I could go.

I had hit the ceiling in my career at the ripe young age of 35. 

Like seriously. Now, what…?

My husband Jason was running his own company and working from home at the time. When I would race around and have to leave for work in the morning, he was able to meander into his office at his own pace in shorts and flip-flops. He worked hard, but on his own schedule. I wanted to do this too! I wanted it bad, but knowing what it would take for me to do this as a graphic designer, even if I'd be working with my Jason, would be nearly impossible financially. So HOW?! Well, the chance to find out was soon to come…

On my last maternity leave with a 4-week old baby and two other small children, I was introduced to network marketing.

I bought some product for my baby and was left some samples to try. After falling in love with the products, I wanted to know more about the business. I had no idea what network marketing really was I was just looking for a discount on my personal products. After a bit more time learning about the business I decided I wanted to do this business. I told Jason and he instantly put on the brakes my jumping in to do some research on the industry first. After about 24 hours he came back and said this industry has real potential and he’s behind me 100%. His only request was that I treat it like a business and not do it halfway. We had a 4-week old baby and two other kids under the age of 8, it didn’t seem like the optimal time to start a business, but I was determined, a hard worker and very coachable. We would make it work

Excited about this opportunity and being new to the industry, I never REALLY knew the potential of the big picture.


I was just talking to my friends, family and whomever else I met and shared a great product that I was loving. About 6 months into my business I attended my first company conference. Money was really tight with me being off work, but we decided that it was important, and we’d make it happen. So I left Jason and the kiddies for 4 days and off I went.

This is where I had my first great big “OMG this is for realsies” aha moment! I saw the big picture. I saw the potential. I saw women on the big stage, heard their success stories and realized they were JUST LIKE ME! They were everyday women, just like me,  that took a chance and didn’t quit. I had found my tribe that weekend. I could do this, and I will.

I left there so inspired, and so driven with only one goal in my vision and that was to be one of those women standing on that main stage sharing my story. 

I returned with a passion like no other. My immediate goal was to make enough income to be able to retire from my job before my maternity leave was over. And, I did just that. The next year, I was walking across that stage at my company conference! 

Fast forward 5 years and my team and I made it to the top of my company’s compensation plan and enjoying all the incredible benefits network marketing can bring.

This journey has brought me many rewards, but the most rewarding part has been helping others learn the benefits of starting a network marketing business. Seeing how this profession has helped so many people gain more time with their families, have more money to travel and leave jobs they were unfulfilled in made me want to have a bigger impact in the world helping others make it in this profession. I've made it my mission to help other as many women entrepreneurs in the network marketing industry find the success I was and still do enjoy. This is why (formally Girlfriends Guide to Network Marketing) is here. 

Helping others find their way through this amazing profession has become a passion of mine. I share what I’ve learned through my own ups and downs of growing a business to help others keep going and keep growing! 

Personal development has been an important key to my success.

I’ve completed many courses and attended tons of conferences and have attended training events with Tony Robbins, Eric Worre, Sir Richard Branson and other six and seven-figure income earners. I’ve taken part in programs with Sonia Stinger, Bob Heilig, and Amber Lilyestrom to name a few. I’ve consumed countless books on mindset, power of thought and business development. I share what I've learned with you.

I’m not a Network Marketing Guru, I'm not a certified business coach. I'm a passionate entrepreneur who loves teaching and training others and helping other see past their own limiting beliefs. If I can build a network marketing business from zero to six figures a year, you can to. 

Thank you for taking the time to learn about me. I can’t wait to get to know you.