Get up and try again.

Every day that we wake up (and let's just stop and have major gratitude for that fact alone), we have a new day to try again. To assess where we've maybe not done enough, where we've made some mistakes and where we can say, "Okay, what can I do different today? How can I show up differently today? What can I do more of today? What can I change or shift or try today to help me move closer to my goals?" 

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Shana ReckerComment
When in doubt, just do you boo.

I signed up for a 10:30 a.m. hot yoga class and as I was getting ready, I pulled out these new, really bright and colourful yoga tights I got from Myinnerfire (and no, I am not an affiliate, I just happen to have a pair of their leggings and love them). I put them on and immediately thought to myself, “these are way too bright, I’m too big for these, they attract too much attention, maybe I should change and put on my black ones…” and so on. 

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Do SOMETHING vs Nothing

I would rather you send the WORST text message you could possibly send (without being offensive of course) and get a "no thank you" than to sit in the paralyzed fear and do nothing. Taking imperfect action and doing something really badly at least gets you into the habit of taking action even when you're feeling the fear.

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