3 Reasons to make fear your BFF

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We all face fears in our business, even Oprah has fears. 

I recently posted a poll in my Like a Boss Facebook group asking the community of amazing female entrepreneurs what their biggest mindset blocks were as a way to help me get the right content out for my upcoming Like a Boss Mind Shift Academy. Out of the 5 or 6 options, I have them the number one answer (by a long shot) was "fear in taking action". 

Fear in taking action was the #1 mindset block from a group of entrepreneurs who, the very thing they need to grow their business is to TAKE ACTION daily. This really doesn't surprise me though, it's a fear I struggle with daily as well. 

Putting myself out to the world was a whole whack of fears balled up into one big gut-wrenching fear bomb that I have to overcome every single day. Here's the good news, I believe it's normal and there are a few things I can share to help you recognize why you're feeling that fear and how to move through it.

  1. Fear can save your life
    This type of fear is a natural instinct we have as humans to help keep us alive. REAL threats like, if you are confronted by a bear in the woods, it sends off fear flares in your system to warn you that if you don't do something (like RUN!) you're going to get eaten and die. Or if you're walking home late at night your fear might kick in to tell you NOT to go down that dark alleyway by yourself, it's not safe and you could die. This kind of fear is also known as fight or flight, a stress response from the body to tell you something is seriously wrong. This is fear we don't necessarily want to experience very often if ever in our lives, however, it's necessary and I'm grateful it exists. We wouldn't survive without this kind of rational fear. 
  2. Fear acts as your compass. 
    This kind of fear, the one you feel when you know you should do that thing, but you don't because it feels scary and has a lot of "what if's" attached to it. This fear is one you want to wrap your arms around and give it a big ol' hug. Reason being is this fear is actually leading you to down your true path in life, it acts as a compass that guides you to what you need to do in order to grow. For instance; the fear of going LIVE on social media (I hear this one often with my coaching clients), you know you need to do it, it's necessary for the growth of your business (and you) but every time you think about hitting the GO LIVE button the fear makes you want to vomit on your tripod. True story right? You're feeling that fear because by taking action in this way is new, different and scary for you. There's a ton of self-doubts and worry about others thoughts and opinions. Part of that fight or flight kicks in only this time it's completely IRRATIONAL and based of the stories you're making up in your mind about what will happen if you take this action. These stories and fear-based thoughts that stop you from doing the right work. Instead of ditching the work because you feel the fear, use that fear as your reason to push through and do the work. The more fear you feel, the more important it is for you to take action on it. If it meant nothing, you wouldn't feel the fear. 
  3. Fear helps you grow confidence
    You want to know the fastest way to grow your confidence, feel the fear and do it anyway. Any time you push through fear and take action you're going to LEARN something. Even if the outcome isn't what you wanted there will be a lesson. The main one being that you felt the fear, took action and didn't DIE. Your confidence grows each time you push through. You grow by learning what does and doesn't work, how to shift and change things and make them better and you grow your skill sets by doing so. Growth is necessary for our success and our survival.  Success in business, especially network marketing requires us to do things that are super scary, out of our comfort zones but are necessary for our success. I've had massive amounts of fear overwhelm me while building my business from the very first day I hit the "Sign-Up" button on the website. I know that each of those moments over my 8+ years in network marketing has changed and shaped me into a better person, leader, mother, and friend. I've reached places in my business that would not have been possible if I didn't push myself to take action even though it was scary. l feel the fear, recognize why it's there and do it anyway. I use it as my compass, my guide and this is why you need to embrace these fears, make friends with it and use it to help you reach the goals you have for yourself, your business and your life! 

See, FEAR IS YOUR FRIEND, and not just any friend, fear should be your fricken BFF. We need to embrace her, welcome her in with open arms and be super grateful she's in our life. She's here to protect us, guide us and help us grow in life. Fear isn't something to run and hide from (unless you're faced with that bear, in that case, run as fast as you can!) it's something to take note of, ask yourself why am I feeling this way? What am I fearful of? Are those things I'm fearing really real? What good could come out if I push past the fear and do it anyway? Facing your fears will only lead to positive growth for you and your business. Trust me on this one. 

Love and success,
 ~ Shana

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