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Last night I was at one of my leader's team meetings and we talked about the amount of activity required to get results in your business. I often hear people say that their businesses just aren't working and more than 99% of the time its a matter of just not talking to enough people. The law of averages states that for everyone 10 people you talk to, ONE will say yes. ONE. The beautiful thing about network marketing is you don't need 100 good leaders to make a significant income, you only need 4 or 5 strong people to lead with you to create a really good residual income.

I shared my personal sponsoring with the group so they could see what kind of numbers I was talking about. In my 8 years in my business, I've personally sponsored 90 people, that puts me at talking to about 900 people over the time in my business (but most likely it was more). Out of those 90 people as of today, I have about 10 active leaders who are still engaged and working their business. Those 10 (plus me) do an average of $100,000 a month in sales. News flash, not everyone you sponsor is going to stick... and some don't even get past their initial sign up order... shocking I know. 🤣

The really good part about increasing the number of people you talk to, the more you're sharing the better you get and your law of averages increases. For every 10, TWO or THREE will say yes!

So if you're feeling like your business isn't working, take a look at the QUANTITY of people you're talking to in a month. The more you're people you share with the faster your going to find the QUALITY ones. 

If you're finding your talking to that many people and still not seeing results, then it's time to do a review on WHAT you're sharing. Talk with your leaders and see if there's something that needs to be tweaked to help you increase your results.  

I shared more about this in my Facebook LIVE video in the Like a Boss Group

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