Do SOMETHING vs Nothing

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Let's talk about the process of taking action and what that does for you. 

So, what do I mean about that? Well, you know, there are a few things that we do here in network marketing. It's actually very simple what we do. We schedule appointments, we share and sell our products and our opportunity, and we either sponsor somebody in as a client, or we sponsor them in as a business partner if they want to take a chance at the business. So, we're scheduling, we're selling, and we're sponsoring, and then we basically repeat that process.

So, it's really not rocket science, but I do get that the work that we need to do here is hard in the sense that when it comes to your mindset around doing that work, the fear can paralyze us and stop us from taking action in our business. We know we need to schedule appointments, but the minute we start thinking about sending that message or picking up the phone, the fear sets in, the self-doubt sets in, all of the stories we tell ourselves about what that person's going to think about us when we ask them the question, all of those things set in.

Fear can paralyze us. It stops us from taking action because we're feeling that fear, we're creating the stories, it's making us feel like if we take this action, this person's going to disown us as a friend, and so instead of doing anything, we do nothing. And that fear totally stops us from progressing in our business.

I'll also hear people say, "they're feeling stuck". They just don't know what to do. And I'm going to call bullshit on that, because we all know WHAT we need to do to get unstuck. We need to talk to people, bottom line, create those relationships so we can schedule more appointments so we can share our products and business opportunity, and then move those prospects through your system for success.

The catch though is if you've done this process a few times, you've taken action in your business, done the work, but haven't had the most amazing results, you've heard more no's than yes's, that fear paralyzes you from continuing to move forward and taking more action. You've had more disappointments than successes, so, you're now paralyzed in the fear of the "what if's". What if I go ahead and do this action again get that same negative result, and that makes you feel bad who wants to feel that, so instead you do nothing just to avoid the pain. Sound familiar? 

But if you're in the business of network marketing, this is something you need to get past.

It's time to get over that fear girlfriends because the ones who get to the top of network marketing have had more no's than anybody else. You've heard that before, I'm not the first one to tell you that, right? This is a numbers game.

So how do you get out of this crazy cycle? YOU TAKE ACTION.  

I would rather you send the WORST text message you could possibly send (without being offensive of course) and get a "no thank you" than to sit in the paralyzed fear and do nothing. Taking imperfect action and doing something really badly at least gets you into the habit of taking action even when you're feeling the fear.

Energetically what that does, you're showing the universe, (or whatever you want to call it) that you mean business, that you want to show up, that you're trying to make this work. And what happens is more opportunities, more thoughts that will serve your goals, more ideas get sent to you because you are actually showing up and taking action.

And the other thing that happens when you take the action in your business, even if it's done wrong, you learn from it. You can go back and reassess and read that horrible text message that you just sent to your best friends, and go, "Oh my gosh..." And I can attest to this. How many times I've looked back at a situation and went, "Oh my goodness, I cannot even believe I said that or I sent that," or, "What was I thinking? Oh my gosh, of course, she's gonna say no."

But guess what?

I learned something from that, and I was able to go, "Okay, next time I send a message, I'm going to make sure I don't say that again," or, "next time I'll say it this way instead." Right?

I'd much rather see you guys take imperfect action, do something, regardless of how well or badly it's done. I'd rather see you do something than nothing at all because you're going to get somewhere by doing something that you are going to be by doing nothing. You're gonna get nowhere by doing nothing and just sitting in that paralyzed fear.

Idea: Create a checklist of tasks for when you're feeling stuck and you're not sure what you should do next to move your business forward. This is a list of income-producing and relationship creating actions you can take action on when fear paralyzes you:

  • Comment on two social media posts
  • Join one new facebook group and post a question
  • Ask 1 - 3 people to try a sample
  • Invite someone to take a look at a video/tool
  • Follow up with 5 clients
  • Follow up with 3 previous asks
  • These are just examples but you get the idea!

By taking action on the first thing and then the next is going to leave you feeling like you're accomplishing something, which then leads you into feeling motivated to do more.  

So, I'd rather see you take imperfect action in your business and do it horribly than to do nothing at all. And the biggest prize out of all of this is that you LEARN, and every time you take action, you do it better, and better, and better, and it becomes EASIER. Then those no's, that you were getting in the beginning because you were doing it poorly, start turning into yes's because you refine it as you learn. 

The law of average says for every 10 people you ask, one will say yes. And what happens is, is every 10 people you ask, so let's say you're up to 100 asks, 200 asks, your law of averages is going to increase. You start getting two yes's, three yes's, for every 10 that you ask because you're getting better! But you're only gonna get better if you start taking action.

If you found value in this, you guys, please share this blog post with your team, anybody who you think would find value in this. Make sure you get out there today and do SOMETHING vs NOTHING!


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