When in doubt, just do you boo.

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The universe gave me a lesson this morning...

I signed up for a 10:30 a.m. hot yoga class and as I was getting ready, I pulled out these new, really bright and colourful yoga tights I got from Myinnerfire (and no, I am not an affiliate, I just happen to have a pair of their leggings and love them). I put them on and immediately thought to myself, “these are way too bright, I’m too big for these, they attract too much attention, maybe I should change and put on my black ones…” and so on. 

I caught myself in this crazy negative self-talk around these amazing coloured leggings that I loved but had self-doubts about what I looked like in them and what other people would think of me. I caught onto what I was thinking and immediately stopped myself, course corrected and said “NO, you like them, you’re wearing them! They’re great, own it.

So I did. I left for the yoga class wearing my brightly coloured tights. 

Here’s what I learned... 

As I walked into the gym, the women at the front desk welcomed me with a smile and then the very FIRST thing out of her mouth was, “OMG I love your tights! They are so awesome!” She must have said it like three times. Hmmm, ok that was nice, but I still felt a bit self-conscious. 

Then after the class was over, a really sweet girl in the class with me specifically came up to me and say “Hey, I love your tights, where are they from? They look so nice on you”. 

Ok universe, I get it. I’m hearing your message loud and clear.


Worrying about what other people think is a waste of time because, well, they’re not thinking what you think they are. In fact, today proved to be the exact opposite! And let's be honest, no one is thinking about you as much as they're thinking about themselves. So stop worrying about others cause they ain't worrying about you. I actually did a podcast episode on this and STILL I fell into the trap. 

Bottom line is this, if you love something do it, wear it, share it, say it, whatever you feel compelled to do (as long as its legal and doesn't hurt someone - just gotta be clear on that).

Stop telling yourself the bullshit stories why you can’t and just BE YOU. 

I'm grateful I hear this message today, stood tall and did me. I rocked those tights and will do so again! Thank you universe for the lesson and always having my back. 



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