Life isn't about the stuff...

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Omg I can’t believe we’re finally here!!!

I just paid off the last of our credit cards and as of this moment we are freeeeeeeeee from the financial mess we got ourselves into years back!!!

I can’t tell you how good that feels!


Not only are we debt free but with all this came so much growth and respect for the flow of money!!

This has been a game changer for Jason Recker, The Profitable Creative and I and we’re now ready for the next phase of our life!!

Thank you to all the banks and people who helped us work through all the mess and and get us to this place.

How did we do it?

WE GOT HELP! We stopped living under the stress of trying to dig out every month and raised our hand and said HELP US!

We also TALKED ABOUT IT! Money talk isn't something that you have to hide or feel shame in if you don't have enough. There's a really good chance that those you fear will judge you are in some kind of similar boat also. By sharing our struggles we learned so much and was able to RECEIVE so much help in return.

What did we do? We downsized our life, we stopped using credit cards and we worked with a financial advisor to learn how to budget and a wealth advisor to get our money mindset on straight.

The money mindset, that was the biggest thing... because here is the most interesting part... our financial struggles came at the time in my life when I was making the MOST money. 🤔

My money mindset was CRAP back then. And it wasn't until I could SEE what I was doing... self-sabotaging my success by thinking I needed all the "stuff" to prove my worth was I able to make the SHIFT!

Obstacles in life are here to help us not hinder us. For us there was a HUGE gift in all this mess. And I wouldn't change a thing. Look for the lessons, they're always there.

It's my hope that if you're going through something my story helps you see that there is light at the end of the tunnel.


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