What pushed me to start my online coaching business

Do you ever feel like maybe there's something more for you?

Life is okay, maybe even good, but you're still getting the feeling like there's something more? 

That was me. 

I remember the day, so clearly, that I was gifted the idea to start an online coaching business. 

I got the idea that I could start my own coaching business helping people in my profession create a 6-figure income just like I had done. With social media and the realization that I could potentially reach millions of people with my content blew my mind wide open with possibilities!

[Side note: I just recorded a podcast on this topic: Online opportunities and Why I Think it's SO Awesome! CLICK HERE to listen]

Within a few hours of getting the idea my husband and I had created a whole vision for what my new coaching business would look like - it felt SO good and SO right!  

Then, we got home, life got busy with the kids, the work and more ‘life’ was just happening so I put the idea on the shelf. 

Not to mention I was scared out of my mind to actually take any action.

I didn't know how to start an online coaching business, let alone believe I could actually execute it. I wasn't certified, I didn't have any coaching skills, who was I to put myself out there as a coach #impostersyndrome

I tried to forget the idea and just kept focusing on what I was currently doing in my career, which was building my network marketing business.

But the coaching idea wouldn't go away. The feeling something was missing was coming on even stronger. Everyday I was noticing more and more online coaches doing what I wanted to do. It was like they were hunting me down and forcing me to see what was possible if I just took the action.

The idea was eating me alive.

ENTER LIFE CHANGE —->> and my push. 

Our family hit a financial downturn that seemed to come out of no where but in all reality had been building for a few years. 

We were living with massive amounts of debt, my network marketing career was good but at the same time my husbands business started to take a turn for the worse and we just couldn't handle the load. We were living way above our means because of all the changes. 

You've heard the story of the Feather, the Brick and the Mack Truck... this was my Mack Truck moment.

I didn't listen to the Feather when I got the idea to start coaching a year earlier. 

Feeling the stress financially for that past few years was the Brick telling me I needed to do something. 

Then the day came where we literally had to default on our bills, this was my Mack Truck

It was then, in what seemed like our darkest moment that Jason said to me, "what about that business idea, maybe it's time to get that started?"

My response... “NOW??!! But I'm not qualified. I don't know HOW and how in the heck do you think we can afford to start it?!

After a lengthy pep talk, he encouraged me to start taking action. We NEEDED to do something, we couldn’t afford not to try and the universe was screaming at me… "IT'S TIME"!

I had done enough personal development over my years that I knew I could get through the judgement and fears.

I was mostly stuck on the HOW. 

But it was time to take action. I found someone who'd built a successful online coaching business and reached out asking if he was for hire. He said yes, then sent me his invoice. GULP, I didn't have the money and had to figure out how to get it paid.

Thankfully my Mom was super supportive and understood the importance. She gave me a loan (forever grateful mom!) and I got to work. 

That was the summer of 2016. I launched my online coaching business and started calling in potential clients by following the steps that were given to me.

This year I will have created a 6-figure additional stream of income coaching groups of awesome entrepreneurs on how to create their own online dream hustle(s) online doing what they love! 

Was it easy? NOPE! Things worth doing never are.
Was it scary? YES! A little fear is good for you.
Could I afford it? NOPE! I had to dig deep and find a way.

I know first hand how hard it is putting yourself out there in new and different ways, fearing judgment and the what it's, including making the investment in yourself.

If the dream is in you, it's for you. Listen to your feather, don't wait for your Mack Truck.

It may not be the same Mack Truck as mine, but know that if you choose to ignore the messages guiding you to your purpose they will find their way to and make you listen! 

If you're reading this and are ready to take action, I can walk you through the steps. If you're coachable, positive and willing to learn, I can show you the how. You don't have to go it alone.

If this post is resonating with you, you have the business idea in your heart I want to invite you to jump on a call with me and let's find out if the Dream Hustlers School (my 12-week group coaching) is for you. 

I only have room for 20 action-takers and I want you to be one of them!

To learn more about the school, how to apply and to schedule your call with me click here: LEARN MORE

Let's talk about your biz idea and see if the school is a fit for you. 

Registrations close April 23rd and even though there are lots of spots right now, this will sell out! 

I hope this message gives you the courage to take action! It's been a life changer for me and I know if will be for you also.  

Cheers to listening to the feathers!


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