How to Create an Awesome Opt-in

You know how passionate I am about building an email list from my earlier blog post 3 Reasons You Need an Email List and to do that you need an awesome OPT-IN.

This post today gives you all my tips and advice on how to do just that. Let’s get started!

1. Create an enticing Free Offer. 

First before you decide what your offer is, let's be sure you are clear on who you're serving and how you serve them.

Who is your ideal client and what are their pain points right now? This is ESSENTIAL to know if you're going to create the RIGHT OFFER that serves the RIGHT PEOPLE for you.

Once you have a clear idea on who your ideal client is and what they are struggling with, now it's time to create a solution based free offer that will help them with one of their pain points. 

Solution based lists are easy to digest instructions that help your ideal client with a problem they are having. Some examples: 

  • 5 Ways to Combat ____________ 

  • 3 Things to Help You with _________

  • 4 Steps to __________

  • #1 Method to ____________

You fill in the blank with the solution you are helping to solve.

This is the easiest method for creating a free opt-in that gives your clients a quick win and builds a know, like and trust relationship with you and your brand. Plus, it shows you that they are interested in the products or services you have to offer.  

Once you have your free offer created. I recommend for creating your documents, they have tons of templates and it's pretty user friendly with lots of video tutorials on how to use it.

Next steps is to create a landing page to send people to in order to exchange their email address for your new value packed opt-in. 

Step 2: Landing Page & Email System

You need these systems in place! A few I recommend for beginners are Mailchimp which has both Landing Page and Email List functionality. Leadpages is another tool I've used in the past for creating Landing Pages that collect emails, but this program needs an email list platform to work with. 

Currently I'm using Kajabi which is an all-in-one platform that has Landing Pages, Email List, Webinar, Funnel, Course Creation capabilities and so much more. I've tested a bunch of platforms in my getting started process and Kajabi is the best and easiest to use in my opinion.

At this point, you're either:

A—>> eager and already mapping out your free offer.


B—>> you’re sitting there seeing all this information and feeling super overwhelmed. 

I totally get it; I was a bit of both myself. I loved (and still do) creating things and figuring out how to put all the pieces together but even a tech geek like me, felt the overwhelm of all the steps. 

If starting your online business is a burning desire for you but you're stuck and overwhelmed with all the steps.


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