The power of your self image.

I used to work in my gym clothes all the time. 

And sometimes, without even making it to the gym!

I was just way too busy to get to the gym and admittedly sometimes to even shower to get myself all shined up and ready to take on the day. The work had to be done! BTW- I don’t mean that to sound as gross as it did but ladies…I know you feel me!

I wore “busy” like a badge of honour.

Then one day, I learned about “self-image” and that’s when everything changed. 

Self image is the picture that we hold of ourselves on the inside, in our subconscious mind. 

I learned that the results we see in our outside world are in direct proportion to the image we see of ourselves in our self image.

For example, think of a thermostat. Its set to 70 degrees- if the door gets left open and the room gets cold and drops to 60 degrees- the thermostat kicks in and the heat brings the room back to the set 70 degrees. And vice versa if it gets too hot. 

Our self image works the same way. 

If you see yourself as someone who’s always struggling to make money, the minute your start making money, your self image kicks in and says “hmmm thats not right, that money came too easy, I’m used to struggling to make money, better get comfy again” and “all of a sudden” you’ll start self sabotaging your efforts!

Maybe you’ll receive an unexpected bill in the mail or you’ll go on an impromptu shopping spree and before you know it, you’re back to the way you see yourself internally… struggling. The money is gone and you’re back to struggling without no apparent effort! 

This blew my mind when I learned this! OMG! I have been self sabotaging my own success! 

For me, the self image I created was someone who always had to work hard and struggle to make ends meet, after all, it’s how I was raised. I never had the fancy clothes or accessories because I never had enough to splurge. “Money doesn’t grow on tree” or “ I can’t afford that” where words often heard in my home. No blame to my parents, they probably learned it from theirs! They did the best they could and so are you! BUT now you’re aware theres something more to it!

Yep, my self image was the girl who mostly wore a top knot and track pants most days cause she was hustling and struggling. Some where in my mind I thought I didn’t have anything worth dressing up for, cause, I mean, who dresses up for the daily struggle? Am I right?

It was time to change that. 

The first step to changing my self image was to be aware I have one! 

I was awakened to the fact that I was causing my own problems, that I wasn’t just cursed. I took responsibility!

The second step was to figure out who I wanted to be.

Who was the Shana that I wanted to show up every day as? What did I look like, act like, dress like, talk like, how did I want spend my days, how did I feel waking up each morning? How much money was I making? etc. I needed to start changing how I saw myself and I did this by writing out a description of who I wanted to be in the present tense (this is key).  

My new description was someone who easily completed her tasks, who was well dressed, confident and had all things under control. I had a healthy balance of work and personal time. I lunched with friends, never missed the gym and had more than enough time to put myself together every single day. 

The third step was to start acting as-if.

This included wearing the clothes I loved and felt good in, always wearing my accessories; earrings, rings, and one of my amazing Rocking Vibe necklaces that makes me feel like the new confident, well balanced women I was stepping into. 

This is a process I think about and envision each day, the women I step into is the women who I want to become! Each and every day I’m moving myself from the struggling entrepreneur who never has time for anything, to a powerful and successful entrepreneur who feels confident about her work and life balance. 

It’s a work in progress, and there are new things I do in my routine to help keep me on track. Starting every day dressed for success is one of the most powerful things I’ve done to make the shift. 

My question to you is, what is the image you hold of yourself?

Are you happy with what you see? Are you happy with your life results? If not, you have the choice to make these changes like I did!

Do you want to be more confident and successful? It starts the minute you start your day… how would the person you want to be start their day? Rushed, panicked, running around in a top-knot and Lulu’s? Or calm, confident, in control, well-dressed and ready for success? 

Knowing now that your self image is the key to getting what you want, how would you adjust the temperature?


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