3 Reasons Why You Need an Email List


When I started my coaching business three years ago, the first piece of advice I was given from my coach was to start building an email list. 

I knew that if my mentor, who had built a successful coaching business as I wanted said I needed something, I listened.

I understood that having an email list was a way for me to communicate with a list of potential clients, but I didn’t see the real importance of it until further down the road.

I created my email list using a well-known method called an “opt-in”. I will expand on this concept in another message but for now what it is in a nutshell; an Opt-in is a valuable piece of content that you create and give away in exchange for an email address. 

In today’s world, email addresses are like currency, people don’t give them up unless they're getting something of value in return.

No one wants an inbox full of junk.

My free opt-in brought in over 2000 email addresses in 6 months of launching it and continues to grow into the thousands today! Check out my newest value-packed opt-in 6 Steps to Creating Your Dream Hustle Online.

So why is all this SO important? 

I'm giving you three very good reasons why you NEED an email list if you're in business.


It seems these days all everyone is concerned about is how many FOLLOWERS they have on Instagram and Facebook.

Followers are important, yes, they give you credibility, yes, you can create great relationships through social media and ideally convert followers into clients, yes…

BUUUUTTT the crappy thing with followers is you don’t own them. We also don't control how our content is shared with our followers. Instagram and Facebook own them and control how much of our content is seen. 

If you're solely building a prospect list on social media you're in a very vulnerable position. You are at the mercy of those platforms. They have control. 

What happens when the next big thing comes along and everyone decides to ditch Instagram and move over to something new? Not likely but it could happen. 

Remember MySpace? 

Yeah, I barely do either. 

But at one point not that long ago, EVERYONE was trying to build it big on MySpace.

Then came Facebook and MySpace disappeared. 

What if Instagram and Facebook were to go bye-bye? If all your potential clients are followers... they would go bye-bye too. 

This should be reason enough to build an email list. 


Your list is a pool of warm market prospects. 

We need lots of those if we’re in business. 

The people on your list have chosen to opt-in to your list to receive whatever information you gave them in exchange that is relevant to your business, products or services. This makes them automatic warm market prospects. 

This means they're looking for or could use what you have to offer them. 

Example: If you own a skincare business and someone opts into your free PDF on The 5 Reasons You Should Always Wear Sunscreen, there’s a REALLY GOOD CHANCE she's interested in protecting and taking care of her skin. When you send a future email sharing the value of your companies Day Cream with SPF with a link to purchase, there is a higher chance she will buy as she’s already shown interest by subscribing.

Compare this to Facebook or Instagram followers who could just be following you in order to get a “follow” back. They haven't shown any real interest in what you offer yet.

That doesn’t mean they aren’t of value, followers are for sure potential clients, but get a follower to opt-in to your list… now they’ve just qualified themselves as even MORE interested in what you have to offer. 


If you treat your list right, you can create amazing relationships with thousands of people through your emails.

I love asking questions in my emails and encouraging people to reply so I can have personal conversations with those who do. Just so you know when you reply to my emails they do go straight to my personal inbox. 

It helps build know, like and trust. A very important part of any business that depends on the sales of a product or service to clients.

Today’s email management programs have become so sophisticated that you can literally tag each individual in your list based on if they open your emails, links they've clicked on, if they’ve purchased particular products and more. 

This targeting allows you to create solid relationships with your list by getting the right information to the right people vs blasting one message to all when it might not be relevant to all.

Selling programs or products to people who already own them can look salesy to those individuals. Knowing who owns on your list own what and excluding or including them in a message is a key strategy to keeping your subscribers from hitting the Unsubscribe button.

It’s easier to get your products or services into the right hands when you have a pre-qualified list of people who are interested in what you have to offer.

I teach my Dream Hustle students how to create a free valuable opt-in offer for potential clients and followers to exchange their email to help them get started in building their list. You can no longer just post a “Subscribe to my newsletter” link anymore.

People only want information that they are interested in.

Think of your own subscribing habits, how willing are you to give up your email these days?

Ready to start building your list? 

Let me know if I can help!


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