100. Dr. Lindsay Martens, helping women understand their bodies and unique rhythms online.

Lindsay Marten is a Naturopathic Doctor that has been in practice in London, ON since 2006. Lindsay primarily works with women in her one-on-one practice treating fertility, hormone balance, menstrual cycle irregularities. She is currently building an online offering to help women understand their bodies, their unique rhythms and soul connection. Lindsay believes the more connected we are to our bodies and minds, the more fully we show up in the world.

Follow along here: https://www.buzzsprout.com/64347/1102661-100-dr-lindsay-martens-helping-women-understand-their-bodies-and-unique-rhythms-online

talking points:

  • How Dr. Lindsay Martens got her start [1:45]

  • We are not the same person day in and day out [13:16]

  • How our cycle impacts our mood [14:41]

  • How Dr. Lindsay Martens shows up in the online space [23:58]

  • By learning what triggers us, we can grow past it [31:50]

aha! quotes:

  • "You went through what you went through because you were meant to show up and serve in this space" [10:34]

  • "Everything we need is within us" [26:00]

  • "A higher level of connection happens when you realise you're not alone" [30:31]

  • "As soon as you recognize what you've learned, you just want to share it with people" [40:28]

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