102. Why you need to check yourself before you GO LIVE!

Let's talk about why it's important to be in the RIGHT energy before you SHOW UP ONLINE and share your messages! I share my insights, tips and tricks I've learned from my good friend Arvin Anderson, Mindset and Confidence Coach on how to get your self in the BEST STATE before you show up for your audience.

Follow along here: https://www.buzzsprout.com/64347/1136186-102-why-you-need-to-check-yourself-before-you-go-live

talking points:

  • Your energy comes through in your video [2:10]

  • Being in a good space needs to be a habit [3:45]

  • Try this tip to get more energized! [6:52]

  • We choose to set our energy levels [11:11]

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