104. My top tips to help you get to 10K on Instagram

In this episode, I share my personal tips on how to grow your Instagram account and why you should be striving to get beyond the 10k. If you're a business owner and you're not using this platform to help grow it you are missing out! 

While I am a huge believer in growing an email list because we simply don't own our Instagram and Facebook accounts and followers, there is still a massive amount of opportunity there. 

I also share my new free training on how to Become an IGTV Superstar. Sharing my top tips on how to use this fast-growing video platform!

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talking points:

  • Some of the benefits from a high number of followers [3:55]

  • you need a public instagram account [10:04]

  • curate shareable content! [11:31]

  • don’t be afraid to reach out to others [13:41]

  • do your stories every single day [16:05]

  • igtv is where you need to be! [17:56]

  • my thoughts on paying to grow your account [20:28]

aha! quotes:

  • “people are 10x more likely to follow you if you have a high volume of followers” [5:03]

handy tools:

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