105. Becoming an Online Coach with Lori Ervin

In this episode Network Marketing superstar Lori Ervin shares why she chose to start another business helping others through coaching online. She talks about what pushed her to get started and how she made it happen as a busy mom of three boys and owner of a large network marketing business. We have some serious girl talk about how she stays organized, why she chose to get started with this and how it's all working out!

Follow along here: https://www.buzzsprout.com/64347/1231403-106-becoming-and-online-coach-with-lori-ervin

talking points:

  • how lori got the idea of starting a coaching business [2:11]

  • don’t feel like you have to pursue the same thing that you went to school for [7:02]

  • the value of hiring someone to help you [10:18]

  • a little more about lori’s coaching business [13:34]

  • How this coaching business benefits Lori and her family [19:22]

  • Some tips to transitioning into a side hustle lifestyle [25:28]

  • how lori stays organized [30:36]

aha! quotes:

  • "It's about showing up and taking what you know and love and being able to share it in a bigger way" [3:33]

  • "The more you invest, the bigger the transformation" [11:43]

  • "I absolutely am going to say something dumb and it's going to be okay" [36:27]

  • "The fear is a sign that you're on the right path" [41:10]

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