110. Mommy Millionaire, Cayla Craft shares how she went from ER Nurse to self-made millionaire

Cayla is a bestselling authorpodcast hostself-made millionairemom, and top sales influencer. She went from saving lives as an ER nurse to helping thousands of women entrepreneurs and business owners blow up their businesses with sales and marketing for this digital climate.   

The business world has changed too much to approach sales and marketing the old school way. Cayla always felt like the underdog, so she understands what it means to fight your way to business success. She says "No one would have looked at me 10 years ago and said I’d become the self-made millionaire businesswoman I am today".  She created The Millionairess Society as a platform for a community of women to receive support, training, and mentorship. There are no shortcuts to success, but she can help you get there faster by delivering you the knowledge, mindset tools and goal-oriented actions that help you level up.

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talking points:

  • Cayla's journey into entrepreneurship [2:29]

  • The hardest part of building Mommy Millionaire [9:18]

  • Your identity is more than just what you do to make money [12:32]

  • How Cayla uses social media to her advantage [18:14]

  • The role of mastermind groups in entrepreneurship [21:27]

  • Some of the programs Cayla is running [26:21]

  • Some habits that Cayla has made for herself [29:57]

aha! quotes:

  • "Every master was once a disaster" [3:23]

  • "When you know you're on your right path, things become easier" [6:47]

  • "Without failing, you're not actually moving forward" [17:30]

handy tools:

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