112. Jennifer Gallagher, changing the world one straw at a time with KarbonConscious.

Jennifer Gallagher first began her entrepreneurial journey back in 2015 when she resigned from her 6 figure corporate job to create her own activewear clothing brand Hallow and Plank. She had zero industry knowledge and zero contacts however she was determined to figure it out. Eight months later in September of 2015, she launched her brand Hallow and Plank a consciously made activewear brand designed for the women on the go wanting to look and feel her best at all times.

Her journey over the next 3 years would be full of ups and downs and everything in between. After almost losing everything, and hitting rock bottom her and her husband Michael sold their south Florida home in November of 2017 and moved across the country to Scottsdale Arizona for a fresh start that they like to call their “reset” move. She is now the host of the Conscious State of Mind podcast and the Founder and CEO of KarbonConscious specializing in custom reusable bamboo straws.

In this episode, Jenn and I have a great chat about all the ups, downs, twists and turns that starting a new business can bring and how she overcame them all!

talking points:

  • Tips and tricks for starting your online business [1:40]

  • People relate to brands that embrace the struggles [10:20]

  • Jennifer's rock bottom moment [15:58]

  • How Jennifer decided on making environmentally conscious straws [30:37]

  • Being resourceful in your business [35:01]

  • Make sure to form those strong relationships along the way [44:52]

  • The importance of having mentors in a mastermind [47:27]

  • Catch yourself from getting to far into the pity [54:21]

aha! quotes:

  • "Start small and add things as you go" [7:22]

  • "You don't ever want to ruin a relationship by something that could've been prevented by a simple conversation" [46:21]

handy tools:

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