113. The Mindy Mission, helping women find their passion and run with it.

Mindy Hancock coaches women to balance their full-time career and side hustles while helping them step into a confident, worthy version of themselves who are openly living their truth!

Mindy is also a light-hearted, highly caffeinated thought leader with engaging energy. Mindy has a Master's Degree in counselling from Lamar University & is a full-time school counsellor to tiny humans while running her business on the side.

talking points:

  • How Mindy made the transition into entrepreneurship [3:38]

  • How to know which passion to pursue [10:10]

  • What lights you up when you talk about it? [14:24]

  • Tips on overcoming 'impostor syndrome' [15:22]

  • Tips from Mindy on how to propel your business forward [27:36]

  • The importance of self-care [36:09]

  • Why being a part of a mastermind is beneficial for your business [41:03]

  • Some tips from Mindy for the busy woman [45:46]

aha! quotes:

  • "You can have the career and you can have the business" [11:11]

  • "You are born with value already inside you" [17:48]

  • "Don't try and write something like somebody else because that's how you think you're going to sound important" [25:01]

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