120. Lucy Liu on changing directions from actress to a wife, mom and mompreneur

Lucy is an unshakable optimist, daughter, wife, mompreneur and now it's her passion as a life coach to help unstuck women in life transition by beating overwhelm, seeing clarity, setting new goals, to live a happier life and thrive!

talking points:

  • How Lucy got started as an entrepreneur [2:00]

  • How Lucy's discipline has played a role in her success [7:03]

  • What personal development does Lucy recommend? [10:09]

  • Be sure to give yourself a little grace [14:37]

  • There is a lesson to be learned from everything [17:01]

  • Make sure you take the time to have fun! [26:41]

  • Who are you and what lights you up? [32:03]

  • How to 'reboot' your mindset [35:52]

aha! quotes:

  • "When obstacles come up, you're going to find another solution" [8:48]

  • "Some of the top entrepreneurs I've worked with, they all have fear and procrastination at some level" [22:43]

  • "When you meditate and get quiet, that's when you hear the right messages that are meant to get in" [25:54]

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