122. What I'd go back and tell my teenage self.

Hey, shorty, it's my birthday... we're goin' party like it's my birthday...

No seriously... it really is my birthday and I'm the ripe young age of 44!

A few days before my birthday I was out walking my dog and I started thinking about getting another year older and about how much I've changed since hitting my 40's. I'm more confident, less worried about others opinions, and more focused on what brings me joy in my life it got me thinking that I wish I felt this earlier... and how I might be farther ahead with my goals if I was. It got me thinking about what I would say to my teenage self if I could go back...I share my thoughts on today's episode.

talking points:

  • #1: Stop worrying what other people think [3:38]

  • #2: Just be yourself! [5:43]

  • #3: Be sure to love yourself [8:47]

aha! quotes:

  • “The sooner that we can grasp these things and take our power back and get ownership of our lives, the sooner the things we want are going to find us” [2:46]

  • "When you love yourself you allow the abundance to come in" [12:58]

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