125. Janet Whalen, Financially empowered entrepreneurial women will change the world!

Janet Whalen, Be Ambitious For Her

Janet Whalen is a business coach and consultant at BeAmbitiousForHer.com. Through 1:1 and online group coaching programs, she helps women business owners build confidence from courage, replace old money stories and blocks with abundant and expansive mindsets, find their true leadership voice, and stop apologizing for their ambition. 

Janet views the entrepreneur-as-CEO role as the ultimate example of service-based leadership and she helps women dismiss the tired “male CEO in a blue power suit” avatar, and design their role in a way that feels authentic and powerful to them. She believes financially empowered entrepreneurial women will change the world without having to sacrifice their femininity or individuality.

She also hosts She Breaks the Mold – the podcast for women who are ambitious for themselves and each other at work. The show highlights women succeeding in work that lifts up other women, and provides inspiration and tools to help them take on their courageous goals even when they seem scary or unattainable.

Her 25-year career has included corporate marketing and advertising for some of Canada’s best-known brands, freelance writing and PR consulting, and family photography. After a short time in the not for profit world supporting tech entrepreneurs at an innovation accelerator, Janet became a Co-Active and Sacred Money Archetypes, certified coach. 

Janet likes to say she’s the unapologetic courage that’s ambitious for you until you’re ready to be ambitious for yourself.

talking points:

  • Janet's journey into entrepreneurship [3:02]

  • How Janet managed the pivots in her business [10:29]

  • Some recommendations for getting started with entrepreneurship [15:39]

  • Making the decision to invest in yourself [20:35]

  • How should you be pricing your services? [25:33]

  • Some tips for where to start [39:39]

aha! quotes:

  • "When we take action on something, even if it's the wrong thing, the right thing will present itself" [9:57]

  • "I had to go down the wrong path, in order to be moved over to the right path" [13:50]

  • "If you just go around and look at what everyone else is doing, you are pricing your work based on their money mindset problems" [27:23]

handy tools:

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