130. Are you sabotaging your potential success?

Hey hey hey 👋🏼, in this episode I go deep girlfriends. You will hear me share my thoughts on how your past could be sabotaging your future and that we subconsciously kill our chances of success because we actually find comfort in being the struggle bus. WHAT??! Yep! PLUS you'll learn how to create awareness around your excuses and stop your self-sabotaging ways!

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talking points:

  • How to know when you're self-sabotaging [3:10]

  • Being aware and pivoting when you self-sabotage [6:25]

  • Evaluate your self-sabotage [8:09]

  • Visualise yourself as successful [10:52]

  • Try journaling about your future self [12:19]

aha! quotes:

  • 'When you have the awareness, you can stop the self-sabotage’ [10:20]

handy tools:

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