139. Shaunda Moir, becoming an accidental entrepreneur!

This kind of stuff happens more than you know. Someone is really good at something innately and they start helping other people with it and before they know it POOF they've started a business. This is exactly what happened with Shaunda. She went from helping a few friends write their business newsletters and working on their mindset to starting a business as a full out copywriter and mindset coach. She shares her journey into becoming an accidental entrepreneur in today's episode.

Shaunda is a copywriter and mindset consultant. She's passionate about helping female entrepreneurs grow and thrive in their life and their business! She's learned that with a crystal clear vision, intentional action and a burning desire, our possibilities are endless!

talking points:

  • Shaunda's journey as an entrepreneur [1:40]

  • How Shaunda got over her fears [6:32]

  • You don't need to be certified to have an online business [10:33]

  • You don't need a lot of money to start your online business [16:43]

  • Most common challenges people face when starting their business [19:12]

  • Some advice to help you get started [26:41]

  • The role that mentors have played in Shaunda's life [29:09]

aha! quotes:

  • "When you get those little nudges, that's what you have to follow" [7:53]

  • "You only have to be a couple steps ahead of somebody to teach them what you've been through" [13:25]

  • "My biggest challenge is sticking to that schedule I set for myself" [21:17]

handy tools:

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