50. I've got 99 possibilities and a problem ain't one...

In this episode I share my thoughts on how your results effect your thinking, how your thinking effects your results and what all that has to do with a song by Jay Z.  Listen in to learn more. This is gold Jerry, gold!  

Listen along here: https://itunes.apple.com/ca/podcast/50-ive-got-99-possibilities-and-a-problem-aint-one/id1150843819?i=1000421837828&mt=2

Talking Points:

  • Turning neutral energy into positive thoughts [1:51]

  • going down the rabbit hole [3:45]

  • the power of positivity [4:15]

  • Taking the actions to get out of a negative head-space [7:05]

  • A lesson in ‘Thinking in Possibilities’ [11:10]

Aha! Quotes:

  • “You choose your thoughts based on what it is you want to have, not what is actually happening” [4:41]

  • “Every adversity holds a gift” [8:18]

  • “It’s the people who can find the possibility in those problems that are going to continue moving forward and have a fulfilling, satisfying, glorious life” [10:55]

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