51. Christy Dreiling, multi-million dollar business owner shares words of wisdom straight from her heart

Christy has spent 18 years in the Network Marketing Profession. She was the 75th person in the US to promote to the top leadership position after only one year in business. She is ranked as a top 15 income earner in her company and has yearly team sales that ranges from 35-40 million a year in sales. 

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Christy has an organization of more than 145,000 customers, preferred customers and consultants in her downline. Christy reached the top 1% of income earners in her industry before the age of 30. She has also earned the “Spirit ” award which was an award given to her by her peers for spirit and contribution to the field and she also recently earned the “Golden Halo” award which is given by the home office staff for her charitable contribution to her companies Foundation.  

She’s a member of the Million Dollar club and the Million Dollar Club Hall of Fame. She has also earned numerous company trips that has taken her from S. Africa, to Prague, Switzerland, Vienna, Italy, Hawaii and so much more. Christy’s successsline has promoted over 150 top leaders over the course of 14 years. Christy was also “the face” of her companies anti-aging line for two years.

Christy has spoken to audiences up to 16,000 people and and has traveled across the nation and as far as Australia,UK & Taiwan to speak to aspiring entrepreneurs. She also spent some time as a coach/mentor to network marketing professionals and entrepreneurs helping them to define their brand and direction for their businesses.

Christy worked as a fashion photographer for 5 years shooting over 1500 models in the midwest before starting her network marketing business.

Christy has also written three books. Her first book is a children’s book called “Holes In My Socks” her second book is a business fable called “The Shift” and her best selling book about her life is titled “LOL”. Christy has traveled into the Bronx and battered women’s shelters sharing her books and gifting them to less fortunate and will be releasing her 4th book this year.

Christy had her debut as a film Producer when she had the great fortune to work with a talented group in creating The 25,000 Mile Love Story. This award-winning inspirational documentary film chronicles the amazing journey of Swiss endurance athlete Serge Roetheli and wife, Nicole, whose thirst for adventure and desire to raise money and awareness for children suffering across the globe propelled Serge to run the distance equal to the Earth’s circumference. The epic journey was directed and written by Emmy Nominated producer John Davies, and brilliantly narrated by 2014 Oscar Winner, John Ridley (Screenplay Adaptation, 12 Years a Slave). The film has already won top honors at more than a dozen film festivals across American and Internationally.

Christy’s proudest accomplishments are her marriage to her husband of almost 20 years and mothering their 3 incredible sons and a foreign exchange daughter from Italy. Dylan who is 19 builds a business with Christy and travels around the globe with her. Nash who’s 16 and Cruz who’s 12 are aspiring professional baseball players.

WOW. Christy's got some experience girlfriends so buckle up and grab a pen! 

Mother, Author and overall BOSS, Christy Dreiling.

Mother, Author and overall BOSS, Christy Dreiling.


Talking Points:

  • Christy’s journey to network marketing [2:05]

  • Leading through example [8:55]

  • Money can buy happiness! [10:37]

  • where christy pulls inspiration [18:28]

  • Opening your mind to new possibilities [23:08]

  • The power of meditation [24:20]

  • Taking the time to choose how to react to situations [30:00]

  • Showing gratitude by helping others [31:07]

  • Christy’s next mission in life [39:42]

  • christy’s best advice [45:07]

Aha! Quotes:

  • “My mouth was my office.” [7:05]

  • “Looking at my boys, and seeing in their eyes, that everything they witnessed was giving them permission to fail or succeed.” [9:05]

  • “i love being a reflection of the light.” [20:35]

  • “to feel peace is to be in the moment you’re in and not to be looking for it externally.” [24:08]

  • “girls who gather change the world.” [39:07]

  • “we have to remind ourselves that we are the faucet, not the water.” [41:15]

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