52. Four Key Principles for Success

In this episode I share a training I heard that had a huge effect on me. It was on the Four Principals for Success in anything. These 4 elements are truly what is required to achieve any goals in life. Have a listen and let me know if you agree!

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Talking points:

  • it’s simple - be a good person! [1:20]

  • doing the right things to advance your business [2:36]

  • doing the right things consistently [3:45]

  • keep doing these things until you goal crush sister! [5:00]

  • don’t give up once you’ve achieved success [11:30]

aha! Quotes:

  • “For every ten, one is going to say yes.” [4:15]

  • “This is not a business where you get to put your feet up.” [11:46]

handy tools:

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