54. Susan Bursic and I talk mom guilt, self care, leadership and more!

Susan is an amazing Wife + Mom of 2 Boys from Dorchester Ontario, a previous retail manager, daycare provider turned Network Marketing Leader! 

Susan and I share an amazing chat on all things growing a business around being Mom's with littles and how to make the most of your time to grow your business! She truly is a glass half full girl + leader, driven by helping women utilize their existing skills in a Nwm opportunity!

Susan and I have a great conversation around all things building a business and being a busy mom!

Listen along here: https://itunes.apple.com/ca/podcast/54-susan-bursic-i-talk-mom-guilt-self-care-leadership/id1150843819?i=1000423468105&mt=2

Mom of two, wife & Network Marketing Superstar, Susan Bursic.

Mom of two, wife & Network Marketing Superstar, Susan Bursic.


Talking Points:

  • susan’s journey into network marketing [3:25]

  • learning not to feel guilty for following your heart [11:22]

  • knowing when it is the right time to take that leap of faith [16:59]

  • what it really takes to be a good leader [22:59]

  • how to make it through the bad seasons in business [34:32]

  • how susan recharges her batteries [40:44]

  • susan’s #1 tip to help you stay motivated [48:21]

Aha! quotes:

  • “There has to, sometimes, be sacrifices made, in order to build a big, strong, stable organization” [15:17]

  • “when you don’t feel vibrant, there’s no way that you’re going to pour into others in the best way possible” [24:51]

  • “that’s how you know you really got something, when you can teach it to somebody else” [28:10]

  • “there’s so much power in getting multiple brains together” [33:12]

  • “every time you go down, the reward on the other side is even higher” [37:35]

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