55. Fall in Love With Making Money

In this episode I share three reason why it's important to make money and lots of it! Why we need to ditch the thinking that wanting lots of it is a bad thing and how we can make more money, especially these days with so many online opportunities!

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talking points:

  • money really is a NECESSITY [2:39]

  • who said money DOESN'T buy you happiness? [3:12]

  • giving without expecting anything in return [9:40]

  • having multiple streams of income [10:30]

  • writing down your financial goals for the week [13:20]

aha! quotes:

  • “money allows us to make an impact in the world” [5:40]

  • “when you invest in something, whatever you invest in, you get back” [6:47]

  • “the more you put out in service, the more the world will reward you” [15:28]

handy tools:

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