56. Dust off your business cards!

In today's episode I share a conversation I had on a coaching call with a client who mentioned she hadn't used her business cards in months, if not longer. It sparked us to have a conversation on how to maximize these little 3.5 x 2 inch cards that we often carry in our wallets that never see the light of day thanks to technology. I'm here today to share a few takeaways on why you should dust those babies off and start using them to help grow your business! 

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Talking points:

  • how business cards differ from connecting on social media [2:40]

  • challenge yourself to make those connections [8:24]

aha! quotes:

  • “People are most likely to keep business cards that have a photo on them” [3:29]

  • “you have more of an opportunity of talking about your business if you hand over your card, than if you just shake their hand” [6:06]

Handy tools:

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