57. Meet Laura & Betsy Milne from Luscious Hustle

Betsy Milne and Laura Milne are the transformational branding and business coaches behind the growing tribe and high-touch coaching brand, Luscious Hustle!  Though they have the same the last name, they are in fact complete strangers living 3000 miles apart, who connected on an instagram DM back in 2016 and became fast friends. The Universe works in wondrous ways for these two powerhouse manifestors.  

Laura, Betsy and I talk through all things growing and building a business and brand, whether you're a network marketer, an online coach or a new budding entrepreneur, we cover many topics that will help you on your journey! 

Follow along here: https://itunes.apple.com/ca/podcast/meet-laura-betsy-milne-from-luscious-hustle/id1150843819?i=1000424811136&mt=2


Talking points:

  • the world works in mysterious ways [2:00]

  • laura & betsy’s journey to entrepreneurship [8:06]

  • being an entrepreneur is easier than ever! [16:22]

  • working past your money mindset issues [26:43]

  • manifesting around the moon [32:00]

  • the soulfulness in sales [37:08]

  • where do you start? [41:07]

Aha! quotes:

  • “the universe hands you what you need, if you’re willing to look for the signs” [6:56]

  • “the transformation is in the transaction” [20:04]

  • “If you’re sitting in fear, you’re sitting in lack and scarcity, it’s just going to resonate with your audience that you are afraid” [43:23]

  • “if the dream is in you, it’s for you” [52:42]

Handy tools:

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