58. We need to use this WAY more often!

In this episode I share the one mental faculty we all have access to but some of us hardly ever use. I'm talking about IMAGINATION. As adults we tend to lose touch with this very powerful manifesting tool. I share why using your imagination is so important and how to use it in the creation process. 

Talking Points:

  • moving away from the 40 hour work week [2:00]

  • the power to change our course is in our own hands [5:10]

  • try this to help keep track of your ideas! [11:22]

aha! quotes:

  • “we are the only animal on this Earth that has the power to choose what we’re thinking” [4:42]

  • “every single thing that you see that was man-made, was a thought first” [6:02]

  • “if the dream is in you, that means it’s for you” [12:41]

handy tools:

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