59. Vol. 1 The Science of Achieving Your Goals

In this episode, listen along as I go through the first two Universal Laws that have helped me to achieve my biggest goals! I'm talking about imagining your goal as being already complete and having positive vibrations to ensure that these dreams come true. So listen up sisters and start making your biggest dreams a reality! 

Listen along here: https://itunes.apple.com/ca/podcast/59-vol-1-the-science-of-achieving-your-goals/id1150843819?i=1000425500758&mt=2

talking points:

  • Class 1 Begins [2:42]

  • A Little About Me [4:56]

  • The Ultimate Objective of Your Goals [12:05]

  • Take the Shame Out Of Wanting Money! [16:28]

  • Universal Law #1: Perpetual Transmutation [22:12]

  • Picture Your Goals As Being Already Accomplished [33:42]

  • Universal Law #2: The Law of Vibration [36:31]

  • Do Whatever It Takes To Have A Positive Vibration [43:10]

  • Homework For This Episode! [48:22]

aha! quotes:

  • "We are all worthy of abundance, prosperity, success, love. We are all worthy and capable of achieving it all." [13:47]

  • "That desire is possibility seeking expression through function or action." [15:41]

  • "The thoughts we create and get emotionally attached to - positively or negatively - is what turn energy into form." [28:06]

  • "When you're focused on a particular idea, it attracts its vibrational match." [40:00]

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