61. Michelle Shipp, Mother of 4 shares her NO EXCUSES approach to to the TOP!

Michelle Shipp is a strategic Network Marketing Business & Brand Coach and is also a Mompreneur who inspires female entrepreneurs to master their mindset and monetize their personal brands while staying in alignment with their truth.  

As a Top Producer and Leader in her Network Marketing company, Michelle's mission is to train and EMPOWER thousands of female entrepreneurs to BE, DO, and HAVE more success in both life and business.  

During her 6 year Mompreneur career from home while being present with her four daughters, she values the cohesive opportunity of fulfilling both Motherhood with Entrepreneurship. She lives in the New England area with her family and enjoys snuggling with her little ones and cooking family meals. 

Listen along here: https://www.buzzsprout.com/64347/889248-61-michelle-shipp-mother-of-4-shares-her-no-excuses-approach-to-to-the-top


talking points:

  • michelle’s journey into network marketing [2:08]

  • Building your business online [9:36]

  • keeping up with social media trends [13:11]

  • branding yourself, not just your company [16:48]

  • juggling your business and your family [23:59]

  • how mindset training transformed Michelle’s business [28:10]

  • The Key to Motivating Others [35:24]

  • The Top 3 Qualities That Make a Good Leader [39:34]

  • Top Tips for Building Your Own Brand [46:55]

aha! quotes:

  • “You have to do it wrong first” [11:18]

  • "In order to motivate my team and keep them in the game, I have to be producing as well" [35:35]

handy tools:

Where to find Michelle: 

Facebookwww.facebook.com/WAHMSolutions or just search “Michelle Shipp with WAHM Solutions” (Work at home mom solutions)

Instagram: @MichelleEShipp

Website: www.MichelleEShipp.com I have a FREE Guide: “Home Business Survival Guide” 7 Strategies to Create a Profitable Home Based Business without Sacrificing Family Time

**Michelle has an upcoming FREE 2 Day Masterclass titled “Goal Digger” How to Map out and Manifest Goals in 2019 held on Monday Dec 17 & 18 in my private FB group  www.MichelleEShipp.com/GoalDigger

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