62. Vol. 3 The Science of Achieving Your Goals Masterclass

We did it! Today is Graduation Day for the Science of Achieving Your Goals Masterclass! The three part series comes to a close with us touching on Universal Law #5, The Law of Gender. We cover tricks on how to reach those goals faster, how to prioritize your goals and quickly go over Universal Laws 6 & 7. 
So grab your caps and gowns and tune into the last lesson in the Science to Achieving Your Goals Masterclass!

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talking points:

  • Class 3 Begins [1:45]

  • universal law #5: the law of gender [4:14]

  • the trick to reaching your goals faster [7:11]

  • if you are losing your motivation, try this! [13:42]

  • universal law #6: the law of relativity [16:46]

  • universal law #7: the law of polarity [18:07]

  • PRIORITIzING your goals [19:13]

aha! quotes:

  • “PERSISTENCE is an essential factor for the procedure of transmuting desire into it’s physical equivalent” [9:35]

  • “willpower + desire makes you unstoppable” [11:35]

  • “CONSISTENTLY be looking for the good in people and in situations” [18:10]

handy tools:

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