Episode: 76. Ashley Srokosz, Holistic Nutritionist shares her journey into becoming an online business owner.

Ashley Srokosz is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, Network Marketer, and Business Coach for wellness entrepreneurs who is also a mom to an energetic little boy. She shares super transparent lessons from business and everyday life that helps busy women achieve more of their mission with less struggle - because being a mom and an entrepreneur doesn't have to be so hard!

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talking points:

  • a little about ashley [3:08]

  • You really need to love the product [9:19]

  • don’t let fear dictate what you can and can’t do! [12:02]

  • explain your product in relatable terms [14:59]

  • Tips for people starting a personal brand [38:10]

  • How Ashley gains trust & builds her email list [43:53]

  • Ask your audience what they want to learn about! [46:39]

  • Money gives your clients a sense of obligation to follow through on their commitment [50:59]

  • Top 3 things to keep YOU motivated! [58:31]

aha! quotes:

  • "I needed to examine my belief about the industry" [8:14]

  • "You need to show up authentically as you online and then you will attract people who relate to you" [22:07]

  • "The fulfilment and the happiness comes in the journey of trying to build the audience" [53:04]

  • "You're either growing or you're dying" [55:50]

  • "People want to help and people want to be helped" [01:05:15]

handy tools:

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