82. Nicole Haney left her full-time corporate job to pursue her dream hustle

In this episode, Nicole shares how she became an accidental entrepreneur in her very own kitchen by making healthy snacks for herself and some friends. She shares how her homemade protein bars took off and allowed her to leave the corporate grind to owning her own business BOHO BARS.

Boho Bars was founded in 2018 by Nicole Haney, a London-based entrepreneur who has a deep-rooted love for health and wellness. Nicole created the first Boho Bar from her own desire for a great tasting energy bar that was free of artificial ingredients. Once she began to help others make healthier choices, she was hooked. Nicole left her full-time corporate job to pursue her dream of creating healthy, delicious food and inspiring a cultural shift back toward eating real food again.  Nicole’s passion for a laid back, simple food is what inspires her and is the vision and inspiration behind the Boho Bars brand.  

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talking points:

  • How Nicole got started on her entrepreneurial journey [1:29]

  • Don't put off your happiness any longer! [4:49]

  • How Nicole transitioned into actually making money with Boho Bars [14:41]

  • Building a brand through social media [23:46]

  • When things don't work is when you learn the most [23:29]

  • The role that manifestation plays in Nicole's life [36:33]

  • What has been Nicole's biggest challenge thus far? [40:55]

aha! quotes:

  • "If you're getting the feeling of 'I need to do this but it's a little bit scary', that's a fear you need to follow" [16:48]

  • "As entrepreneurs, you have to assess what's working and what's not working and take another step" [26:09]

  • "You have to invest in your business in order to make it a reality" [34:04]

  • "You have to consciencely make that decision of being all in" [38:08]

  • "The joy is in the journey" [47:05]

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