86. Quick Minute with Shana: Boundaries and rules why you MUST make them!

This is the first of MANY takeaways from my week away at the Fast Foundations Mastermind retreat. Lori Harder taught me about BOUNDARIES and that if we don't set them we will be crushed by our businesses. It was a wakeup call for me and I share why in today's episode.

The second thing I share from the mastermind was from Cayla Craft on RULES, that no one sets the rules in my life and my business except for ME. I decide what right for me, what's right for my clients, what's right for my family... no one else. 

I share my takeaways on both these topics on today's episode.

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talking points:

  • Creating rules and boundaries for your life and business [2:42]

  • Your boundaries teach others how to treat you [4:35]

  • When you show up authentically, the right people will find you [15:02]

aha! quotes:

  • "You make the rules for your life" [9:04]

  • "We get to decide what we're worth" [11:52]

handy tools:

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