87. Arvin Anderson - Unstoppable confidence comes from within.

Arvin Anderson is a MindBody Performance Coach that helps people wanting to make a positive impact on the world by create an unstoppable confidence within themselves. Arvin helps them do this by mastering their mind, body connection so that they can achieve extraordinary things and inspire others to do the same.  

So many of us are seeking external changes in our lives in the hopes that those will make us feel better. Arvin teaches his clients how to FEEL better first, master the mindset first in order to achieve fulfillment. 

His methodology on coaching people to an extraordinary life is based on three phases.

  • Awaken - We must first wake up to what’s happening inside of us that’s created our current results and what it is we truly want for ourselves. 

  • Align - Then we must align with who we need to be in order to make that vision a reality and begin the practice of shifting into that person. 

  • Achieve - Once all of the inner work has begun building momentum we can begin the final phase of achieve where we create the actionable steps that lead to your desired results.  

At our core, we want to know there is purpose for our lives and that we are able to fully give and receive love. It's Arvin's mission to teach people how to align with their purpose and create the love within themselves to confidently step forward and live it.

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talking points:

  • Who is Arvin and how did he get started in entrepreneurship? [2:27]

  • When times get tough, you have to believe in yourself [5:58]

  • Beliefs happen through repetition [19:48]

  • Celebrating your achievements is really important! [26:54]

  • Know the value of what you are teaching [31:50]

  • The people you meet at masterminds are just as valuable as the lessons [37:36]

  • The relationship between your physical health and success [41:09]

  • The fear is always going to be there [50:12]

aha! quotes:

  • "When you align yourself with what you want, the universe provides it for you" [10:17]

  • "Who are you currently, that has created your current reality and who is it that you need to be to create the future one?" [13:15]

  • "You have to shift into a confident place to create confident results" [16:55]

  • "I can only take you as far as I've gone" [34:39]

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