89. Jen Anderson, Helping women find their happy!

Jen Anderson is a happiness coach. After years of struggling with overwhelm, hiding her anxiety and never feeling worthy she decided it was time to remove the mask of pretending everything was perfect in life and to make a major change. Finally facing & overcoming adversity, Jen has turned her experiences into an opportunity to help other women who are facing similar feelings and challenges of overwhelm with her program Own Your Happy, where Jen guides women into deepening their relationship within themselves so they can live their best & happiest life possible.

Jen is also a former student of my Dream Hustle School and is the proud owner of her own beautiful business where she coaches women to find more peace and happiness in their lives. In this episode Jen shares her journey that brought her to becoming her own CEO and the experience she had getting her dream hustle started!

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talking points:

  • How did Jen decide she wanted to be a happiness coach? [3:37]

  • Network marketing and personal development go hand in hand [16:41]

  • How Jen got into the coaching world [18:42]

  • Authenticity reigns supreme on social media [24:08]

  • A 'coach' is only ever a couple steps ahead of you [28:04]

aha! quotes:

  • "Sometimes we want to be the person that changes somebody, but the change has to come from within" [12:33]

  • "There is another side that you can get to - and it's beautiful! [13:41]

  • "Any judgement that you have in life is a mirror" [22:40]

  • "You have to listen to what your heart's saying inside" [33:39]

handy tools:

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