94. Emily Kund, The data driven business!

Emily Kund is a data and leadership consultant with her company, Analytics to Inform, where she specializes in helping small business owners and entrepreneurs use data to learn more, earn more, and do more good.  She is also the founder of the global conference series, the Tableau Fringe Festival, co-host of the Tableau Wannabe Podcast, and co-organizer of the DC Data+Women group. She is also the founder of the Pretty Strong Smart, a women’s empowerment initiative to support girls and provides scholarship for educational expenses.  Prior to starting her own consultancy, Emily was a bank examiner for 19 years and earned her National Bank Examiner and Federal Thrift Regulator credentials. She analyzed data and supervised banks of all sizes from the local community banks to some of the country’s largest institutions. 

Emily is also the mom of two awesome kids, Alex and Katie, one cool husband, Matt, and one cuddly pup, Zeus.  When she’s not nerding out with data and reports or being about the mom life, she enjoys reading and working out in her spare time.

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talking points:

  • A little about Emily [3:15]

  • How Emily made the decision to leave her corporate job [12:37]

  • You need to be aware of your own needs [14:38]

  • What type of people are you attracting and who is it that you want to attract? [27:39]

  • The data can tell you a lot about your business [31:01]

  • Take 'feelings' out of the equation [36:13]

  • Don't sell yourself short! [38:40]

aha! quotes:

  • "I always know that I have skills that can be used" [9:40]

  • "You're not meant to do the same thing for your entire life" [19:13]

  • "We're meant to feel happy and fulfilled" [21:00]

  • "It's not what you think your product is worth, it's the value it has for the person purchasing it" [44:00]

handy tools:

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