95. Rachel Joy! Personal freedom, time freedom, and financial freedom.

Rachel Joy is a highly trained, Spiritual Success Coach and Lifestyle Designer who works with female entrepreneurs to create the life and biz of their dreams. 

As a certified NLP, EFT, Hypnosis and TIME Techniques practitioner, along with a background in health coaching, personal training, and addiction counselling, Rachel takes a unique approach to generate freedom in her clients' lives. While she focuses on online marketing and business strategy, she stresses the importance of the mind-body connection being the foundation for anything you want to create in life and biz. 

Her personal mission to be a light towards love and happiness, and create breakthroughs for herself and others. Rachel facilitates these breakthroughs through her signature program, The Freedom Formula, guiding female entrepreneurs to create more personal freedom, time freedom, and financial freedom. 

She is extremely passionate about helping woman claim their power to become unstoppable in pursuit of their dreams. She lives in Toronto, with her husband Daniel.

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talking points:

  • Who is Rachel Joy? [2:48]

  • How Rachel got the confidence to put herself out there [7:40]

  • Rachel doesn't shy away from asking the tough questions [14:59]

  • Your experiences qualify as education [15:45]

  • You have to be a people person to be in this business [18:07]

  • An investment in yourself will always pay off [26:54]

  • Your fears will become less scary once you commit to conquering them [29:44]

  • If you're not where you want to be yet, keep going! [42:23]

aha! quotes:

  • "It's amazing what shows up for you once you make that decision" [11:57]

  • "If it's meant for you, your purpose will find you" [19:50]

  • "With every new level there's a new devil" [23:01]

  • "If we know it's our purpose, then why the hell are we freaking out about when it's going to show up - because it WILL show up" [40:02]

  • "If this is my purpose then I'm going to be okay" [40:54]

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