98. Uma Naralkar, How she built a thriving online health and fitness business after losing her job.

Uma and I have an awesome talk about how she went from corporate executive to starting her home-based, online health and wellness business. Lf Uma shares how life threw her a curveball and it turned into a life-changing opportunity not only for her but for all the people she serves. 

Uma is an integrative nutritionist with a thriving practice in Los Angeles, California. She also remotely work with several international clients from India and the UK. Most of Uma's clients are women in the age group of 30 to 60 and she specializes in gut health, hormonal health and fat loss. Uma believes that good health is not just about what you're eating or how much you are exercising and your mindset plays a very important role in this equation. Uma's business is based on a holistic approach and she believes in creating a strong mind and body connection that supports her clients to optimize their health. 

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talking points:

  • Where Uma's journey started [2:31]

  • Sometimes we need the negative to be inspired to make the change [6:01]

  • You don't have to spend money to get fit [12:10]

  • Where Uma's business is today [13:23]

  • How Uma grew her following on Instagram [21:49]

  • The biggest struggle Uma has had as an entrepreneur [30:34]

  • How Uma learned more about fitness [39:34]

aha! quotes:

  • "When I'm there I'm present and really connected" [15:39]

  • "What can you do that feeds your soul?" [17:14]

  • "Your body is so clever and you're going to get signals every single day that you're going to feel forced to make a change" [19:25]

  • "People can feel if you're just not showing up authentically" [26:10]

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