S3. E1. My biggest financial, professional and personal lessons from 2018

Welcome to Keeping it Real with Shana Recker, The podcast that shares authentic and unfiltered advice on how to build a dream business online. I'm your host, Shana Recker, business and mindset coach with over 8 years experience as an online entrepreneur. I teach women how to turn their turn their passion into their purpose and make a profit in the online space. I keep everything super real here for you!  Welcome to today's episode!

In this episode I share my biggest lessons from 2018! What I learned financially, professionally and personally so you can learn from my journey and use these lessons to help you have the best 2019!! 

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talking points:

  • Detaching your bank account from your self image [9:14]

  • Act as though you already are where you want to be [20:44]

  • Don't be afraid to delegate [23:11]

  • When it's done right, manifestation works! [25:56]

  • Forget about the 'how'! [32:51]

  • Let go of what no longer serves you! [36:45]

  • Stop driving yourself crazy with the made up stories! [41:54]

aha! quotes:

  • "Wealth & success is a state of being, it's not stuff" [3:55]

  • "Stop overthinking the ideas that come to your head" [15:56]

  • "How you think that you're going to get the thing you want, is probably not how it's going to happen" [35:45]

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