Episode 70. The one thing I know for sure that has elevated my success.

In this episode I share one of the KEY ELEMENTS that has truly elevated my success in life and in business. The best part, it's something everyone can do, it's totally free and once you learn about it, it's almost impossible NOT to do. 

Listen along here: https://www.buzzsprout.com/64347/942698-70-the-one-thing-i-know-for-sure-that-has-elevated-my-success

talking points:

  • Get off autopilot! [4:40]

  • Learning about vibrations and the law of attraction helped me to become aware [6:18]

  • Try to look at the positive [7:35]

  • You hold the power to change the outcome [8:59]

  • Become aware of your self-image [10:11]

  • You need to be aware of your work habits [18:34]

  • Spend some time with yourself [22:20]

aha! quotes:

  • "When you can heighten your awareness around your thoughts, that is one of the main keys to success in life" [1:10]

  • "You are how you think other people think you are" [10:45]

  • "To make money and not be happy is losing" [17:05]

handy tools:

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